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Deborah Davis has taught motivated and hesitant writers of all ages since 1989. She leads writing workshops in public and private schools, libraries, and teen parent programs around the country.

She offers:

• single and multi-day writing workshops for grades 3 through 12
• in-service trainings for faculty and staff
• day-long writing workshops for adults

Her students have included:

• High school, middle school, and elementary school students
• English teachers
• Teen parents
• At-risk and adjudicated youth
• Program staff and counselors interested in setting up their own writing programs for at-risk and adjudicated teens
..and teen parents

Rates, topics and other details

School Writing Workshops
Deborah will teach no more than 30 students per session, no more than three writing workshops per day, at a rate of $1000, plus travel, lodging, and related expenses.

Writing Fears: How to Use Them or Lose Them
Bringing Your Characters to Life
First Page, First Impression: How to Hook Your Readers
10 Things To Help You Survive—and Thrive—in English Class

Deborah requires that the students in the workshop be familiar with at least one of her books in advance, and it must be an age-appropriate book.

In-Service Trainings

Deborah’s in-service trainings prepare teachers, counselors, and program staff to run informal writing groups with at-risk and adjudicated teens and teen parents that can be run by existing staff, require little in the way of materials, and can be easily linked to existing academic and non-academic programs.

Teens often feel unheard and misunderstood. Many lack the confidence and clarity to express and stand up for their deepest beliefs and values. In this interactive workshop, learn the 10 key components of an effective teen writing program that promotes self-esteem, compassion for others, and group cohesion. Learn to use simple writing exercises to build confidence and teach empathy and listening skills. Participants must come with some willingness to write and read aloud. Hesitant writers are welcome—every writing program has some!

This in-service is best offered as a three-day training, but rudiments to get you started can be taught in one- or two-day workshops. Deborah is also available on an hourly basis to provide support and coaching as you establish your writing group.

Deborah will teach up to 12 adults per training (a minimum of four is recommended). The rate for a three-day training is $3000, plus travel, lodging, and related expenses. For information about shorter trainings, please contact Deborah.

Adult Writing Workshops

Deborah offers a variety of writing workshops for adults. Topics may include:

• Fear and Loathing in Writing: How to Put Them to Good Use
• Writing Middle Grade and YA Fiction
• Twenty-One Tips to Help You Revise Your Novel
• First Chapter, First Impression: How to Hook Your Readers

And for mothers and birth practitioners: The Birth Stories Writing Workshop

Please contact Deborah for information on rates and how to set up a workshop at your conference or in your community.


Participant comments from “Creating Effective Writing Workshops With Teens and Teen Parents”, 2005 Healthy Teen Network Conference:

“Great workshop!”

“It was wonderful! You are great at this topic!”

“This was the best workshop as far as being able to use what was presented immediately."

“Deborah has presence.”


“This was fantastic.”

“Worthwhile and practical suggestions not only for classroom use, but also for self-improvement.”

“This was one of the absolutely best workshops I’ve gone to so far. I LOVE the writing exercises and the tone and the texture
.the presenter gave to the workshop. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you!”

“I found this session invaluable as an addendum to my classroom instruction. Thank God for you!”

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