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Author Presentations
School Visits, Conferences, In-Services Trainings

School Visits
Deborah visits grades 2-12.
Assemblies: Any size.
Writing workshops: Maximum 30 students.

Sample School Presentations and Workshops
Five Years and Five Revisions: What it Can Take to Get Published
Creating Unforgettable Characters
Building a Page-Turner Plot
First Page, First Impression: How to Hook Your Readers
10 Things To Help You Survive—and Thrive—in English Class
What's My Story? (builds confidence and self-awareness; great for reluctant
writers and adjudicated and at-risk youth)

Deborah has presented at national and regional conferences, including IRA, Healthy Teen Network, and SCBWI.

Virtual Visits
A "visit" with Deborah via Skype, speakerphone, or on-line chat is a relatively low-cost alternative to in-person events.

In-Service Trainings
Deborah teaches teachers, counselors, and social workers guidelines and techniques for facilitating their own confidence-building teen writing groups.

Deborah’s fees vary depending on the type of program, size of group, travel costs, and the size of your budget. Arranging multi-school or multi-library visits in one area will reduce the cost of each individual event. Please contact Deborah for cost details.

To see where Deborah is speaking and teaching, go to her calendar.

Student, Teacher, and Librarian Testimonials

"[Deborah's workshop] gets you going and makes you want to write. I walked away inspired and enlightened and with a whole new outlook on writing. It was also a great opportunity to meet other teenagers who were just as excited to write as I was. The room had such an energy, we each had a story to tell and a different way to tell it...Thanks for making such an enjoyable workshop. I hope you have another in the future!"

—Kira B., SF Bay Area teen writer

"Deborah's workshop was useful as well as fun and made me more proud to be a writer."

--Maggie C., teen writer, SF Bay Area

"Deborah's workshop made me want to write my own book even more and gave me ideas about how to get started."

—Claudia, teen writer, Martinez, CA

"The workshop was so much fun... My favorite part was probably when we talked about the parts that often make up a young adult story (for example, a protagonist in danger or one with dysfunctional parents). It made me realize how formulaic my writing used to be and how I can expand on each subject...I definitely recommend attending one of Deborah's workshops."

—Andra, teen writer, SF Bay area

"It was helpful to talk to an actual author and see that my [own writing] goal is possible...[Deborah's workshop] is a very inspiring experience."

—Adrian C, teen writer, SF Bay area

“Deborah has a talent for connecting with teens...She gets to know them and tailors the workshop to their needs."

—Linda Allen, librarian, Mt. Vernon, WA

“My students were inspired to ask detailed questions about her work, to share their own writings, and to seek suggestions on how to improve their stories. Deborah responded with gentle, direct, relevant support...Deborah Davis is an accomplished writer with a demonstrated love for sharing that craft with children. I highly recommend her as a visiting writer in your school’s classrooms.”

- Bob Dash, Poulsbo Elementary School, Poulsbo, WA

In-Service Training Testimonials

“Great workshop!”

“It was wonderful! You are great at this topic!”

“This was the best workshop as far as being able to use what was presented immediately."

“Deborah has presence.”


“This was fantastic.”

“Worthwhile and practical suggestions not only for classroom use, but also for self-improvement.”

“This was one of the absolutely best workshops I’ve gone to so far. I LOVE the writing exercises and the tone and the texture Deborah gave to the workshop. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you!”

“I found this session invaluable as an addendum to my classroom instruction. Thank God for you!”

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