Guest-Written Biographies of Deborah Davis

To give you a fuller picture of Deborah and her quirks, she asked several friends, colleagues, and pets to contribute their views. The opinions expressed on this page are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect Deborah’s perspective, although she admits they contain more than a shred of truth. She can’t promise, however, that she won’t retaliate in kind against those who have portrayed her in a less-than-favorable light.

If you have a biography of Deborah to add to this page, please send it via the Contact Page. Guest-written bios are chosen at the author’s discretion.

"Deborah Davis spends ridiculous amounts of time staring at her computer and drawing small black squiggly lines on paper. While she is adept at scratching us in all the right places, she is so obsessed with all those little lines that she consistently forgets to feed us four of the six meals a day that we deserve. Deborah is very clever at catching the live mice we bring home for her, but she insists on setting them free. One of these days she will realize that hunting for mice provides a much more substantial livelihood than writing little black lines on paper."

-- Malika and Jess, authors of Why It’s Okay to Sleep Your Life Away and Purr-Plexed: Why Two-Leggeds Don’t Appreciate Fish Breath and Answers to Life’s Other Mysteries

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