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“She dreams about lanes,” Bjorn says. “Not memory lane, not lovers; lane, but Lacy’s lane. It’s a loop so she can swim forever.”
......“Excellent idea!” Lacy replies. And she knows that it’s almost rue. Swimming is something she has to do. Being on the swim team, trying to make the regionals, is really important to her.
......But that’s before she learns about her brother, Jack, twelve years older than Lacy, a lawyer in a small town in Colorado. Jack, she discovers, is coming home; he has AIDS. “Just keep on swimming and studying and having a good time,” say her parents, and they insist on not letting anyone know about Jack’s illness.
......But once Jack comes home, life can’t go on as it had before. Jack is too sick. He requires too much attention. Lacy finds herself feeling both devastated by seeing what is happening to the brother she loves and resentful of what his presence is doing to her life.
......How Lacy finds the courage to face tragedy with honesty, humor, and compassion, and how she begins to reconstruct her own shattered life, makes her story an absorbing one, a story that is both timely and universal.